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Details of cover Détails des garanties

1. Cancellation by the guest

In the event of cancellation by the guest, up to the day of arrival, the deposits or advance payments will be refunded to the guest, and kept by the manager or owner. If the property is not re-rented, the unpaid balance will be refunded to the manager of owner.

2. Cancellation by the owner

In the event of cancellation of the rental by the owner or beneficiary, as a result of the owner’s death, transfer of ownership or significant material damage to the property, the owner keeps the sums paid and we refund the sums that the guest has paid to said guest. If the owner cancels for other reasons, the sums paid by the guest are refunded to said guest, but the owner does not keep the sums paid by the guest.

3. Interruption of stay

When the guest is forced to leave early, we refund to him the overnight stays not used on a pro rata temporis basis. E.g. For a 10-night stay, for an amount of € 1,000. If the guest should leave on the 4th day, compensation will be €600 (1000/10) x (10-4) = € 600.

4. Civil liability and third-party claims

We cover the consequences of bodily injury and/or material damage, and consequential damage resulting from them, caused accidentally to any person other than an insured or member of the family. We also bear the possible trial and appeals costs.

5. Damage to property

The guest is covered in the event of damage to his possessions as a result of fire, explosion or water damage.

6. Nonconformity

Extra security to reassure guests, especially at the time of an online transaction, but also protection against fraudulent transactions for the owner or the agent.

For instance, if the service does not comply with the description made in the catalogue or on the website, with the result that the guest has to refuse the rental, we compensate the guest for the sums not refunded by the renter. We also bear the cost of the reimbursement of a night at a hotel for each person.

In the same way, we refund to the guest the sums paid when the transaction was a fraudulent one, i.e. if the rented property does not exist or if it exists but has not been let by its owner or agent.

7. Repatriation

If the guest who took out the insurance is ill or injured and his health requires a transfer, we organise and bear the cost of his repatriation as far as his home in Europe, or to the hospital centre closest to his home and suited to his state of health. We also organise and bear the cost of the additional transport expenses of family members.

8. Snow option

* Lack of snow cancellation: if 48 hours prior to your departure for the mountains, it is reported that 50% of the ski runs are closed, we then refund the whole of your stay (including pre-paid ski passes and skiing classes).
* Search and rescue costs: if you are injured on the ski runs, we take charge of transfer to the appropriate medical centre.
* Interruption of classes & passes: if an accident occurs, we refund the unused ski classes and passes to the insured on a pro rata temporis basis.