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face à l’accélération de l’épidémie de Coronavirus, et compte tenu des mesures annoncées par le Gouvernement Français, nous avons réorganisé nos services. Nos équipes sont à votre écoute et conservent une qualité de service optimale durant cette période.

Si vous souhaitez déclarer ou obtenir des informations concernant un sinistre :

En cette période exceptionnelle, il est recommandé de nous contacter en priorité par échanges de mails via l'adresse ou directement via notre site «», mais aussi par téléphone sur toutes nos lignes habituelles.

Si vous souhaitez obtenir des informations concernant une demande commerciale :
Merci de prioriser les échanges par mails via l’adresse Nos lignes sont elles aussi joignables.

Nous vous remercions pour votre compréhension. Prenez soin de vous et de vos proches durant cette période. L’Equipe Gritchen Affinity

The online insurance
for holiday rentals!

in 48 hours!
Cancellation, damage to property, civil liability, interruption, nonconformity: take out 24-hour insurance cover in a few clicks!

Leave on holiday with peace of mind

You rent a house in the countryside,
a villa at the seaside, a chalet in the mountains
or any other seasonal property rental
for your holidays?


Leave on holiday with peace of mind
Do you need to cancel?
Does your rental accommodation
fail to match the description or
perhaps it doesn’t even exist?
Did you cause unintentional damage
during your stay?

You are covered!

Thanks to Assur-Lodge cancellation insurance,
specially designed for seasonal rentals,
you can finally set out with your mind at ease.

No longer be afraid
to book your holidays in advance:
if any problem arises,
you are refunded.

Remboursement sous 48h !


In the event of cancellation by you, or by the owner, we refund to you the amounts you have paid (to the rental agency or to the owner).

of stay

If you are forced to leave early, we refund to you the overnight stays not used on a pro rata temporis basis.


And third-party claims: in the event of material damage and/or bodily injury, we cover the cost of the resulting expenses.

to property

Broken glass, other damage: there again, we cover the costs caused by such damage and we refund to you the value of your damaged possessions.

Nonconformity or
fraudulent rental

You are covered in the event of an “unpleasant surprise” on arrival if the rented property does not match its description or if it does not exist! In both cases, we compensate you for the sums incurred and, in addition, we offer a night in a hotel per person.
Subscribe online


To take out an insurance with Assur-Lodge:

– You must take out the insurance policy at the same time as the rental
OR within 5 days after your booking.

– You must reside in Europe (Country of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Principality of Monaco, or overseas department [DOM]).
– The duration of your rental may not exceed 3 months running.
– The maximum amount of the rental shall not exceed € 15,000.
– The insurance policy covers 9 persons at most.
– The policy covers the subscribed benefits throughout the whole world.